Posted at 31 November, 2022
Implementation of gamification in firms are spicing up the market
Gamification has been used across various business processes, from sales to training, and now, marketing has come into play. Brands are trying to engage their users to stand out from the competition, simply put, gamification marketing is one of the most effective ways for brands to do so!
Adding a gamified element to any existing app/website might involve huge budgets and time demands. With plugins like PRO Gamification, anyone can produce their own ingrained mini-game with absolutely no coding involved. The crew at PRO Gamification has observed several organizations, from tiny start-ups, employing gamification to introduce a new product or just reward their customers.
Before we get started, let's be clear that gamification simply refers to the addition of game elements to non-game fundamentals, specific activities, processes, and systems to make everything more enjoyable and exciting.
Whether we realize it or not, gamification has become a commonplace aspect of our daily life. Simple integrations similar to progress bars, and earning points are relatively popular, as prizes on fitness apps for completing a drill.
There are a few evidence and effective ways by which you can add gamification to your marketing or business strategy. Some few elements you can use:
  • • Leader boards
  • • Badges
  • • Random rewards
  • • Quests
  • • Points
These are just a few examples of gamification elements that provide your users to improve app user engagement.
In PRO Gamification, we always say that any marketing campaign is an opportunity to utilize gamification, but some of the most popular reasons include:
  • • New product launch
  • • Giveaway
  • • General brand awareness
  • • Special announcement for and by the company
  • • Educate users on company products or values
Branded mini-games, or adding gamified elements will help elevate the campaign and raise awareness and engagement overall.
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